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Sep 2, 2012 9:30am EDT
believe we will be profitable in 201012? >> we aree still shooting r profitability in 20s well. -- 2012. you have to get to a certain skill in the airline industry, some of the benefitsrevenue side, or you risk being irrelevant and slowly withering away. we decided we will go for it and we will start making money. >> as part of that, there is talk about an ipo. you guys have a plan. some analysts are questioning if the virgin america will be here to stay. do you believe this is the airline of choice for people 10, 15, 20 years down the line? >> absolutely. number one, financials are strong. we have a strong balance sheet. the question of whether we will be or not really isn't a question in our mind. the second is that people are voting with their feet. we've not only had an impact on how people fly, but how our competitors are providing service. now you have everyone moving towards wi-fi video because the american people have said we should have better quality air service. we think we are on the front edge of that. >> cabin lighting and things are becoming a must-haves. how you going to
Sep 16, 2012 9:30am EDT
, the noted economist, look s jobs st when it comes to sequestraon. >> automatic spendincu in defensand elsewhere. looked it defense. >> exact. the e defense iact initially then across feder programs and the country, and the nunumbers are staggeriring. you're talking about the lososs of over 1 millionefense-reled jobs. agencies like n nasa, the department of agriculture which it 2.1illion jobs. >> the numbers might sound familiar to everye because s many advertisemes have been running for the politicical campaign. the potentiaial loss of 600,000 bs in our region, especially the virginia-area. let's break the members apart. there is no way to gauge where the jobs woulbe lost, so this looks at if there were a cross- the-board cuts at the same level at every level. nobody expts that. ththey expect heavy job losses, t nobody expects across-ththe bod-cuts. our people lobbying congress against sequestration overall, and at the s same timime saying if it happens, protect my program? >> they are approaching the same sequestration is a mindless, serious threat to the defense industry and nationa
Sep 23, 2012 9:30am EDT
that conongress and t obama administration are beginning to fos, at least behind c closed doors, and s something beyondhe november elections -- the budget cut heduled for next --- for next year. first, a focus on fairfax county and a ok at our reonal economy from the perspective of virginia business leaders. fairfax county that the distinction of being the biggest countyoth in virginiaia and the washington area when it comes to population. plusus, as t good fortune to b one the nation's most prospeperous counts. in fact, it was fairfax county which wa the first in the nation to reach a six-figure median household income and now has thsecond-highest mian income in th nation, second only to next door neighbor loudoun county. to discuss how fairfax as daring in its economy and what it means fofor the rest othe washington region jim -- president and ce of t the fairfax c county chamber of commerce. aleyes o fairfax county because when fairfax county is doing well, the rising tide lifts all vovotes. what industries the o welell and seeing g growth and wher are you seeing some lagging behind? >> t t
Sep 30, 2012 9:30am EDT
. for those wanting to grow their businessr wanted o. her latest book k shares some of her secret to s success. welce back. we always like having you. >> i look to be here. the last year you were part of a panel and this time weted to to focus on you. always so inspired and i just attended the national asassociation of women busisiness owners, d.c. chapter. >> the just had their annual meeting and it was so inspiring and i was just reminded of my favorite sry aut you that i think it is an inspiration. that is how you fit got motivated to start your own business. you went to your boss armed with information about revenue you were generating for the company, ways you helped improve their growth, and you wanted a raise and he told you you wouldld never beorth mor thahan $3$34,000 a year. you we h home e that night and all your money -- husband you are ready too out a and on and you aren' generating $20 million a year in projected revenue? >>>> it would be nice if we get 20 million but we are certainly well. >> but definitely past $34,000 mark. it is always such an amorpho title here in washington
Sep 9, 2012 9:30am EDT
of recovery. joining me isonna evers, a real-estate agent an expert. talk to us s a little bit about what is going on in the market in the washington area. >> we did not get hit like many others in the country but we did see some have been. the dollar volume of sales from the p peak to the bottom of the market fell about 50% that is bibig. prices only fell about 18% in the metro marketplacece. thhugely sucssfupart of the market. it was not so bad. now we are seeing is something a lot of people would not have expected because of all of the foreclosures and this like that and the idea there was going to be a shadow inventory.. now what we are seeing is a tremenendous shortage. how is it in back in the marketple for buyers and sellers? >> it is tururning a buyer's market into a seller's market, first t of all, which is another thing a lot of ople would not have expected. it is also putting pressure on pres. prices are rising. >> if you are entering the market as auyer these days, what canan youxpect to see as you get out t there and statart looking? >> it depends on where you are looking. bu
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5